How to Stop Cravings When Dieting

How to Stop Cravings When Dieting – 8 Tips to Curb Your Appetite

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Wondering how to stop cravings when dieting?

The cravings that you feel while dieting can be the most difficult battle while trying to achieve weight loss goals. However, there are many ways for you to fight them and refuse to give in. Cravings can range from wanting pizza or a chocolate bar, but they might also include things like coffee or ice cream.

Hunger is one of the hardest things about losing weight. No matter how gently you approach it, I guess you’ll still get hungry now and then.

When you’re on a caloric deficit, you’re eating a little less than usual, your body senses any change and reacts accordingly. It’s an incredibly intelligent organism.

So, you might have a slight feeling of ‘discomfort.’ Still, if you’re not cutting your calories drastically, you won’t be experiencing too much discomfort.

So the Real Question is How to Stop Cravings for Food that You Know are Bad for You?

Here are 8 ways to stop craving and curb your appetite.

1. How to Stop Cravings for Sweets.

how to stop cravings for sweets

Initially, you might get cravings for starchy carbs and sweets/junk food. You might wonder how to stop carb cravings at night.

Your body really wants the sugar, or rather the glucose produced by the consumption of the carbohydrates.

If you can’t avoid sugar, try eating half what you usually do. You won’t find it as fun, but you’ll satisfy some of your cravings.

Immediately throw away the rest before you start eating it. If you try to restrict sugar cold turkey, you’ll be fighting your hormones, and you might end up binging at night when you’re low on energy and can’t resist temptation.

2. Drink a Glass of Water Before Meals.

Drinking water 20 minutes before each meal may sound excessive, but it is proven to be effective. It will fill your stomach, and you will be less likely to overeat.

In some cases, you might not feel hungry after having a glass of water.

One reason for this is that you are actually thirsty, but you think you’re hungry, so you don’t drink the water.

3. Intermittent Fasting

Eating between 4-6 hours is often healthier for many people because they don’t feel hungry all the time.

People who eat small meals all day typically feel hungry more often than people who limit the time they eat to a 4-6 hour window.

It may seem odd at first, but once you start intermittent fasting, it’s incredible how much less hungry you are… and how your cravings disappear too.

4. Coffee Can Suppress Appetite.

foods that curb sugar cravings

The caffeine in coffee suppresses appetite. However, you should be mindful of how much sugar is in your coffee. In general, you should stick to drinking black coffee. However, if you can’t handle it, you can use sugar-free flavors or artificial sweeteners.

You want coffee to curb your appetite, not add calories to your diet.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar Can Curb your Appetite.

Apple cider vinegar curbs appetite and helps you lose weight. Use a tablespoon or two a day. Mix it with water and sip it with a straw so it won’t damage your tooth enamel.

6. Eat More Protein

Add more protein to your diet, and you won’t feel as hungry. Eggs are an excellent low-calorie source. Alternatively, you could eat lean meat or a protein shake.

As long as you are in a calorie deficit, you will lose weight and feel less hungry.

Eat more veggies and protein

7. Load Up on Vegetables.

Just like your parents told you…eat your veggies! Salads, broccoli, carrots, etc., are all excellent vegetables you can consume at your meals. They fill you up, don’t have many calories, and provide all the micronutrients your body craves.

8. Go to Bed Earlier at Night.

A tip you don’t hear often is to go to bed early and fight the urge to eat at night. You’ll notice that your cravings happen at night, and the later it gets, the stronger the cravings become.

It’s better to be in bed by 10 pm or 11 pm. Get 7-8 hours of sleep (you’ll need the rest)… and you won’t have the midnight craving for junk food.

Get more sleep

80% of your battle is won if you follow these 8 tips on how to stop cravings when dieting.

When you’re fighting for your health, fight dirty! And by that, we mean take these 8 tips on how to stop cravings when dieting into consideration . You know it’s hard enough battling temptation as is, but with these tips in mind the battle just got easier!

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