10 Unhealthy Eating Habits

10 Unhealthy Eating Habits You Might Want to Change

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No matter how good you think your eating habits are there might still be unhealthy eating habits you want to change or improve.

That means there is always room for improvement! Don’t get too comfortable-even if you feel like you’re doing pretty well overall as far as healthy eating goes (and we all have days where our willpower wavers).

Food Should Be Used to Fuel the Body.

When you eat for fuel, food should be a source of energy for your body. When you have healthy eating habits, you eat only the amount you need to satisfy your hunger.

how to develop healthy eating habits

People with poor eating habits ignore their body’s natural biochemical signals of hunger and fullness.

This is usually a significant issue for emotional eaters who use food to cope with their problems.

Emotional eating can be detrimental to one’s self-esteem, and of course, food never solves any problems or soothes feelings. It usually makes things worse.

Many react by turning to unhealthy high-fat food when stressed, sad, or lonely.

The effects of unhealthy eating  habits lead to low self-esteem as they lack the coping skills to handle life healthily, and intuitively know that food is not a solution.

You can tell whether you are eating healthy or unhealthily by recognizing these signs below of unhealthy eating habits.

Check out the Following 10 Unhealthy Eating Habits that Everyone Should Avoid.

These are often indicators that one does not have a healthy relationship with food.

2. Eating While Watching TV.

poor eating habitsWhen you eat in front of the TV, you tend to lose track of eating. You tend to stuff yourself rather than eat just to relieve hunger.


2. Eating Salty or Sweet Food.

These, along with high-fat food, tend to be the comfort foods that allow you a temporary sense of relief, but they won’t last long during stress, sadness, lonely times, or as a way to cope with any problem. You tend to eat these foods in excessive amounts.

3. You Tend to Eat Late at Night.

Food becomes a way to cope with daily stressors. You skip breakfast, then consume a light lunch and finally splurge at night.

Food eaten at night is digested when your metabolism is slower, so more of it is converted into fat.

4. You Usually Eat Alone Simply Because You Know that such Eating is Not Healthful.

effects of unhealthy eating habitsSo, rather than having food with friends, food seems like a guilty pleasure to be taken by yourself and when no one would ever judge you or see what you are doing.

5. You Reward Yourself with Food.

You use food as a reward. You tell yourself I’m going to eat something special when I finish a project or meet some goals.

You tend to reward yourself with junk food instead of fruit and vegetables.

6. Food Causes Guilt.

Bad eating habits make you sad. After eating, you feel like you’re a failure, much like an addict or alcoholic does after going out on a bender.

7. You Don’t Recognize the Feeling of Being Full.

You eat until you’re stuffed and physically uncomfortable. You don’t notice when you’ve eaten enough, so you keep feeding your body anyway.

8. You Don’t Make Healthy Food Choices.

You disregard or ignore the need for healthy proteins, complex carbohydrates, and fats in your diet.

Instead of getting adequate nutrition, you eat a lot of junk.

High-fat and sugary foods cause the brain to produce “feel good” chemicals and pleasure centers, so you end up eating them all the time.

9. You See Food as a Friend.

During difficult or lonely times, you would instead turn to food to comfort you rather than relying on friends or family to do so.

10. You Gain Weight.

Weight gain happens when you don’t eat sensibly. Eating to comfort emotions causes obesity and the wide variety of problems that go along with it.

Keep a food journal for one week to remind yourself of what you eat and how much. This will make you more aware of your unhealthy eating habits and help identify where you might be going wrong.

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